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Ask a question. Hi everybody, I'm new to MacBook Pro.

GIMPshop for Mac - Download

My system is Mac OS X v. So, rather than make mistakes: Could anybody tell me how to install Gimp easily like in the Windows world?

I need a step to step explanation or a tuto if it exists My questions: where do I find the exact version in french I need for my system? Shoud it be in the download file? It isn't in mine. I'm completely lost. I hope it'll be easy to read your answers I'm new to Apple Support Communities as well and I hope i'll get an E-mail when the answers come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A nit I am, I told you.


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View answer in context. Figuring out unaided a new OS after a breakdown is the best prescription for another breakdown. Loading page content. It installs like a regular program and is freely available to download from the MacPorts website at macports.

Make The GIMP look like Adobe Photoshop

Besides GIMP, MacPorts facilitates the easy installation and use of dozens of ported applications, making it a good software to install under Snow Leopard in any case. As long as you have an Internet connection, it will automatically update itself whenever a compatible port is launched.

Gimp vs Photoshop - How to Install Gimp on a Mac and Some First Impressions

However, the final Snow Leopard build, version 2. On first run, however, it may take several minutes for the GIMP interface to appear because it must first index all of the fonts on your system and create support files. Version 2. Earlier or later versions are unlikely to work under Snow Leopard.

GIMP for Unix-like systems

Jason Savage has been a freelance writer since He has authored technical and procedural documents for a variety of clients, while his journalism and fiction have appeared in "Monday Magazine," "The Pedestal" and other publications. Savage holds B. Skip to main content. X11 X11 is a protocol library that makes it possible to run certain ported applications on nonnative operating systems without the need to reprogram them from the bottom up.