Case 2: Disk permissions are changed as read-only

Today the file system flipped to being read only. I rank Disk Utility on it and it said "deferred repairs" were done, and diskutil remounted the disk at the end but it was still read-only. I rebooted the entire system and the drive was not mounted after reboot. I have no idea what is going on. Other things may or may not be related : I have been flipping to Windows 10 a lot recently using BootCamp. Sign up to join this community.

How to Fix a Read Only External Hard Drive on a Mac

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  1. The Cause of "Read Only" Disk Errors;
  2. Methods to Recover Read Only External Hard Drive on Mac Without Formatting.
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Viewed times. Do you have a backup of this drive. I'd be worried. I did, yes, and I do have a backup. Hardware failing? Windows extra sauce added? Be sure to change the word NAME to the name of your drive. The Sharing and Permissions option is set up to determine who can delete or modify a file or program copied to the drive.

How To Fix A Read Only Mac Hard Drive Partition

Thus, if the permissions are changed by you or others, a message will pop up and inform you that the file is read-only or you don't have permission to save when you save changes to this disk. In this case, if you right-click on the icon of your disk and choose "Get info" to check the disk information, you will find you can only read this external hard drive or SSD even though it is not NTFS formatted. That's to say, you can't write to this drive.

If this is the cause for your external hard drive being read-only, you can try the following solutions and fix this issue without formatting your drive.

If your files on this external hard drive shows as read-only or locked, or if you try to move some files to the Trash but get no response, you can try to change the permission of this disk. Step 1: Open the Finder and find your external hard drive in the left sidebar. Step 3: Extend this column by clicking on the triangle symbol, and then click on the Lock button.

Solving read-only conditions for external hard drives - CNET

Step 5: Click the gear button Action menu at the bottom of the window, choose Apply to enclosed items , and then click OK to confirm the action. To prevent such errors from happening, Mac operating system includes a setting to ignore Permissions on external drives, so all files on the drive should be fully accessible regardless of their Permissions settings.

Here below are steps to ignore the permission on external hard drives:. Step 3: Check the box to Ignore ownership on this volume , or toggle it off and then on if it's already enabled.

How it Works

Provide the password of your Mac if it is required. Some internal errors will cause a drive to be read-only as well. When this happens, your drive will be only mounted in read-only mode to prevent the data on it from corruption. Fortunately, you can take some actions to repair these minor disk errors with Disk Utility on your Mac. You can use the following guide to fix read-only external hard drive in Disk Utility without formatting. Step 1: Click Go at the upper right of your desktop and go to Utilities , and then open Disk Utility. However, it is possible that an NTFS format is not the culprit of your disk being read-only.

On the contrary, some other reasons make your disk not writable. For instance, if your disk becomes read-only after a macOS update, you may be facing one of the rare glitches of a macOS.

External hard drive is detected as Read-only on Mac OS X

Under this circumstance, if the solutions above are unable to fix this read-only external hard drive, you may need to format this drive, and then recover your important data from the formatted external hard drive instead. Generally speaking, external hard drives being read-only on Mac appears when they are not formatted correctly and the solutions above should be helpful. Nevertheless, if you failed to repair this hard disk even with Disk Utility, it could be a failed external hard drive which needs to be replaced, or you can try your luck by sending it to a local disk repair service.

2. If You Need a One-Time Fix

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