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It also supports streaming video with adaptive bitrate support.

Sorenson Squeeze 11 Pro Upgrades

Included with the software is 5GB of storage on Sorenson ; from the program, you can upload to this storage and send a notification to allow clients to watch, comment, and approve the video. Post Production Software. Encoding Software. Key Features. More Details.

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No Longer Available. Share Print. Live Chat. Reviews 0. Quick Compare. Also included with Squeeze Pro 9 is Jan Ozer's book on video compression. This book is available in the pdf file format. The software encodes MP4 P footage at frames per second. The redesigned user interface provides a larger batch window area, filters, publishing options, and improved searching for presets.

Plus, now you can review your content before publishing. This means that when working in your NLE, you can export using the presets from Squeeze 9 Pro including your saved presets , but you cannot make adjustments to the presets from within the NLE. The software features configurable presets for image quality and compression. You can modify and save these presets, and you can also include in the preset video filters, automatic publishing and notification options.

You can capture DV video from a Firewire source or via a webcam and put it right in your batch window for adding a preset. You can also import a file into the batch window.

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Multiple watch folders are supported, and you can create folders on your system or network that encodes any video file put into it, using the preset of your choice. In the Preview Window, you can change the aspect ratio, crop, zoom, trim, and set thumbnail images. After you have made your adjustments then you can add a preset and convert your video. Squeeze 9 Pro includes the following filters: audio sync, 10 bit to 8 bit dithering, black restore, blur, brightness, contrast, crop, deinterlace, fade video, gamma, hue, saturation and lightness, inverse telecine, image orientation, RGB, sharpen, telecine pulldown, timecode, tint, video noise reduction, watermark, white balance, white restore, audio duration, audio mixer, audio pitch, audio volume, and audio fade.

You can preview five seconds of you video from the playhead; this allows you to check on potential trouble spots in your video before encoding the entire video. With long form projects this can save you from surprises and having to re-encode your video: just check out any problem areas in advance. I am nobody's employee, nor do I have a business relationship with any vendor of post production software or hardware. Robert A.

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It's always had the timecode display option, it never actually reads the timecode track from the input file. Login to Comment. Developed in response to customer demand, Squeeze Premium shares many similarities with the desktop version - including user interface - which makes it easy to learn and use. At the same time, Premium frees up editors and computers in the post house environment, streamlining workflow and efficiencies. Editorial, Feature Debra Kaufman.

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  6. Feature Debra Kaufman. The best news for current Squeeze owners?

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    You may already have been upgraded. Sorenson Squeeze - NEW! Jerry Hofmann takes a look at Squeeze 7 With improved video quality, faster H.

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    Review Jerry Hofmann. He has helped expand the horizons of what we thought we knew about one of humankind's signature achievements by unearthing nearly reels of previously unseen large-format film, up to 65 and 70mm, digitized with a first-of-its-kind 8K scanner, along with 11, hours of previously unheard audio recordings to provide previously only-imagined perspectives on our first mission to the moon. Courtney Lewis. Apple Motion Apple Motion 5: EPIC Title Tutorial by Simon Ubsdell Join longtime VFX artist, editor, software developer, and business owner Simon Ubsdell for some really useful and interesting techniques for creating a fake 3D title treatment with dramatic depth, texture, reflections, staining and other details that goes way beyond what you can achieve with the 3D Title Tool.

    Not only that, these techniques work well with any graphic object, for maximum motion graphics flexibility. Simon Ubsdell. Ben Consoli.

    As if this wasn't already the hottest summer on record, Blackmagic Design's Grant Petty rolled out some blazing news across a wide range of the company's product lines in cameras, production hardware, and software. Creative COW.

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    Join longtime VFX artist, editor, software developer, and business owner Simon Ubsdell for a tutorial that also includes number of useful tricks, including how to create an ambient occlusion effect and textured specular highlights. Caleb and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss modeling cameras and lenses for virtual filmmaking, how Caleb was able to move the sun around in virtual space to get the perfect lighting, using a real drone for the Circle of Life sequence, and more! Re: Sorenson Media Squeeze 8.