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The following should address any questions or concerns you may have about Cactus Album for Mac. You can learn more about Cactus Album for Mac here. The app works on Lion OS X Do I have to buy it again for the Mac? The Mac version includes some additional features over and above the iOS version, including photo organization, enhanced search, and printing capabilities.

The app had to be substantially re-designed and completely re-written for the Mac platform. Is there a free trial version available? The app is initially in an unregistered trial mode, limited to 3 cacti, 3 watering schedules, and 3 logs, with 3 photos each. It will also only allow a single database open at a time, and database import is disabled. That should be enough to give you some idea of whether the app will work for you.

Purchasing a license either within the app or via my website unlocks full functionality. You may also purchase via the Mac App Store. Repeat these steps to sort by name again. The type field is used by the app to determine what should be displayed in the Logs list for that log entry. For instance, selecting Cactus will show the cactus name selected in the Cactus field, and Note will show a brief summary taken from the Notes field.

Select either Cactus or Note in the Type field depending on what information that particular log entry is recording. After the entry has been saved, double-click on it and then click on the All Photos tab. This will show all the photos associated with the Cactus or Log. To move a photo into one of the primary photo slots on the Cactus Info or Log Info windows, arrange the photos in the All Photos section.

The primary photo slots will now reflect the new order. How do I add text captions to my photos?

Organisiert und präsentiert Bilder und Videos mit wenigen Klicks

How can I hide them to take a closer look at the photo? Click on the photo to end editing the caption. The new or modified text caption will now be displayed. Note that only the first few lines of the caption will be superimposed over the photo. To hide the caption, click once on the photo. You can scroll between the photos by clicking the left and right arrow buttons, and zoom-in by resizing the photo window. The place for capturing these events is on the Log Info window. Create a new Log entry, click the Event field and type in the new Event Sold, for instance. The new Event will be saved when you click the OK or Save button.

It will then be available for use with this and other log entries. In the Cactus field, select the corresponding cactus. Set the Type field to Cactus. Set the date the Event occurred, and add any relevant photos or notes. Click Save , and the new dated Log entry will appear in the list. How do I transfer it to Cactus Album for Mac? Then follow these steps:.

This is the button next to the printer button. The button has an arrow pointing to the right, away from the device icon. You should see your device shown in the Devices section. Check the Messages box in Cactus Album for Mac for helpful information. Click OK.

iCloud: Foto-Upload jetzt möglich

In that case, you may see duplicate entries in your database after the import is complete. How do I accomplish this? The steps are similar to question 11 above, except you must select either Restore Database or Import Database on your device, and click the Export Database button in the document window toolbar within Cactus Album for Mac.

Sortieren Fotos nach Datum in Windows

This is the toolbar button with the arrow pointing toward the device icon. When the export is complete, you should consult the pop-up alert on your device for further instructions. I have an iPad, an iPhone, and a Mac. How do I keep the databases in sync between all of these devices? Wie kann ich die Senderliste sortieren? Wie verwalte ich die Mediathek Laufzeit Pakete? Habe ich einen tizi Kraftprotz der 1.

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