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Something is going wrong. Any help is appreciated. For me, the acid test was to pass Gatekeeper.

I want something a user can just double-click install i think you are confusing Mac users with Windows users. Anyway, when I get a chance, I'll do a Mac build of a beta release, and ask you to take a look. I have codesign and spctl available, and are useful for diagnosing problems. The signed package can pass these without satisfying Gatekeeper. Since you have to individually allow a package to be installed from an untrusted source, that should be enough.

That Info. I think this issue is related to bug OK - I might do a test beta build - eg 1. What tools are you using to check the signing? I did something like this: 1 copy the pkg file to a local webserver. Yes, the patch fix the problem. I am using version 1. Thanks for responding gbm! What Version are you using? I attached a picture if you can please look at it.

Column chart with target line

As you can see there isnt a custom color option for symbols for error bars and lines there is , the drop down list contains only 21 colors. I tried changing the language, but it didnt solved it. What Style are you using? Again, Thanks alot David. I tried changing the language, but it didnt work. As you can see there isnt a custom color option for symbols for error bars and lines there is.

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According to the source repository, code signing was added to the Mac build script on the 5th of July and to the windows build script on the 14th august. The upload on the 14th of July was probably me uploading a signed version of 1.

How to add and remove error bars in Excel?

I can't check it right now my Mac is elsewhere ATM. I can't Attached patch should fix the icon problem. Ah - I missed the "project explorer" bit. Yes - the bug should be that it requires clicking twice to set the keyboard focus on the Project Explorer subwindow. I'll check out the patch when it appears as a PR. Workaround until fixed: Do left-click twice but not doubleclick on a window to make the explorer window get the focus. Then, 'delete' key and other shortcuts work as usual. Neither the beta, nor full release versions respond to the delete key for me.

Are you sure this was previous behaviour? Of course. I use it frequently. And it works for me in beta version 1.

Hmm I don't see an Oxygen theme on my build. But in Plastique the two versions behave identically, whereas for most other themes eg 'Breeze' there is a difference. Is this anything more than cosmetic, though? You can't even edit the properties from the context menu, implying that perhaps the peioprties window is no longer attach.

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Hi there, I'm a newbie using this software but it looks quite promising to me. I mean, the non-linear curve fit module in this software seems intuitive to me, but only when writing simple fitting functions. When a more complicated curve is needed for the model you are implementing, writing For instance, I want to have the x-axis start with 0 and end with 60, where the programm does set it to and Of course I found out how change the scale settings, but SciDAVis rescales the x-axis as soon as I change the data in the table. This happens although only y-data is altered. Best regards, Friedrich.

Hi, I have the same problem using ver 1. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question NateVanDusen Replied on August 11, In reply to Andy Pope's post on July 27, Finally figured this out myself, so to expand on the above comment: Take your standard error values or whatever you're using for your error bars and put them all in a row.

Highlight the cells in the row you just made that correspond to the data points in your series. The individual values in the row will now be set as the error bars for the individual data points in the series.

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When you make your row of standard error values you will need to group the values that are in a series so you can select them all at once without selecting anything else. Thanks for marking this as the answer.

Range bars, not error bars

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How to Calculate Standard Deviation and Standard Error, and Add Error Bars in Graphs Using Excel

How satisfied are you with this response? Andy Pope Replied on July 7, You can make use of the Custom option to specify a value for each point. This site in other languages x.