VIDEO: Proton P3-21A teased on TV3’s Buletin Utama

However their quality , relaibility , efficiency etc… still very in doubt. Dont just always be a cosmetic surgeon … improve your quality pls. You have wasted too much time and wasted lot of resources. Wake up! I really hope the rear cluster lamps are all use up as oppose to the present Persona and Waja which they have have not fully utilize. There is different between concept and real production.

There can do exactly like TUAH but the manufacturing cost is problem for them to control the car price with price range. So overrated. For what purpose? Then what? People will buy Proton because they look a lot like Kia? Of course I know who he is smart ss. I was replying to the person who wants that particular Peter. Peter himself and people like him are two different people. You are replying to me. QC issues? Hopefully only on the display car only.

Buletin Utama (2019) - Khamis, 24 Januari

Auto-climate control?? The audio buttons on the steering wheel look much better than current protons. The inside door handle is silver-colored like Persona.. Put a proper 6 speeders like those from Aisin inside. Can boost torque to Nm and bhp………. To be fair to everyone wait until fortnight. Pricing is important here.

RM80, is big no no even for top model.

TV3 to pay Anwar RMm for defamation (Updated)

RM75, is the most expensive Proton can charge for this C-segment. So many seat configurations can deploy lot of techniques some more. Well Proton… Malaysian consumers are hard to please, ya… but I am pleased enough and InsyaAllah, I will get one… if the reported price is true, goodlah…. Yup, there are better cars out there, which I can afford actually… but somehow I will put my faith again in Proton this time…: What more this time around the spec list is quite impressive I must say, waaaayyy better than some other makes.

P… besides the same amount of money is better to be spent of towards family, savings etc… etc…. Cheers guys… if you are happy with your choice of ride, then that car is the best at least for you , juz ignore whatever other ppl say, your money, your life…: I find Proton one of the most confusing car company on Earth. I mean they get into bed with Mistu good move then buy Lotus Bad move then do project with the French……then try to sell Lotus then get back into bed with Mistu, rebadge the Lancer……then for no reson i can see reskin the Lancer……WHY????? There is no clear plan for Proton, its sort of make it up as they go sort of thing…….

As for this? VW had eyed for Proton since many years ago.. Bank negara dont think so. For this type of boot, u have to adjust your luggage before u close. Make this affordable for us plz. Folks rushing pushing jumping to get their Waja as soonest only later to curse it until pages forum thread at autoworld HA HA HA. Anyway, glad to see again and again Dilbert theory proven: Also another theory proven Einstein lah: Doing the same thing only to expect different result! Dear perodua salesman This Rearlamp design is norm for european as we can see the similarity on bmw rearlamp n other european cars… But fir malayaian who only expose to 2nd class jpas car like vios n city rearlamp definatelty wint like this pa reaelamp design.

Or indeed Campro simply sucks hard no amount of tech can make it better fuel efficient…VW dump TSI also still crappy…. Rear break light still uses single bulb why is proton going back ward. Correct me if i am wrong…. The car in Video looks stunning and with the snapshots of the shifters and Steering Wheel.

Good Job! Weh kamon lah.

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  • VIDEO: Proton PA teased on TV3's Buletin Utama.
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Dont simply comment on CFE without driving it. Lets hear feedback form P. Exora CFE engine owners first on its performence. Each sees a different part, like the blind men patting an elephant. Malaysia kan ramai kaki mod. Globar car is a car you market globally.

Buletin Murni Bil-2 2013

Most likely. Now think abt it.. What so special with the accessories? Most cars will come with those accessories anyway or they will soon. If you ask me, it should be priced k. Anyway, good job with the car Proton. Live long and prosper. Colorful lights and spinning the car round in a dark room just seems tacky.

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