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Nice and easy to use. Fortunately the Develop Menu is still there to open pages in Firefox or another browser. Lots and I mean lots of pages won't download entirely. Links and buttons will be missing on pages. Like sharing or contest buttons. I have to use the Develop Menu to open pages in another browser about 5 times a day.

Harness the power of Firefox on your PowerPC Mac

Which I very rarely had to do before Safari 7 or 8. And it has gotten worse with safari 8. I love that you can see what windows you have open on your other Apple devices so it's easy to move between your computer and iPhone without missing a beat. You can't drag a window onto another window to create a tabbed view of the two windows. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but this should work the same way as Chrome.

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I also think the UI could be a bit more evolved at this point. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some other browsers, but is stable and get's the job done. Significant improvement over previous version; faster and cleaner, more compatible with Mountain Lion.

The second-best browser for PPC Macs

There are really no pros in this version of Safari which collides with Mountain Lion. After downloading Safari 6. We suggest using google Chrome,Opera,Firefox. Read reply 1.

Mountain Lion: Very snappy. Very elegant interface. Amazing gestures swipe back and fourth, zoom in, tab view Overall, Safari is the best browser for Mac. I have heard that it isn't very good on Lion, but if you are on Mountain Lion, give it an honest chance!!

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This browser is certainly very fast, maybe not the absolute fastest, but one of the best. However, the integration is the key to Safari. The smooth swipe gestures to go back and forth between pages is beautiful, and handy if I don't want to load the previous page, but take a quick look at one line you can swipe complete to reload the page, or just a little to see a part of it, like a book. The smart zoom and pinch to zoom features are quite handy.

I rarely use the Tab View, but it can be useful.

VLC for Mac OS X

Other browsers, like Chrome, have a few of these gestures, but they are far less appealing. Safari is the only browser with this level of finish, and will remain the only one due to Apple's development. Safari just works for me, and the UI is what keeps me. WTF Apple. Do I have to go use a PC to be functional in the most basic things? The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Fill us in below, as always.

Also feel free to let me know of any other great browsers that work on PPC Macs, because I love to learn. Explore more about: Mozilla , Mozilla Firefox. Your email address will not be published. Because looks like Apple forget us Mozilla isn't providing updates for PPC; this is a third-party project.

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Still, it's good to have something. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Glad to be referred here. I am using an original mac mini model with Mac OS Attempts to do so result in downloading unuseable code due to version conflicts. There was a version upgrade in about and it runs fine although it does not have the built in protection of than TenFourFox.

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Thank you for this. I still use my PowerBook G4 for mail and web browsing. Some sites have almost become useless under my old versions of Safari and Firefox. Ten Four Fox is a real help! Another option, of course, would be for him to run PowerPC Linux on his machine.

TenFourFox free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Iceweasel Firefox is a very capable browser that is secure and up-to-date. Just a thought. Leopard Webkit installed over Safari 5. I found the Webkit app to be slower and I never have had a single issue with the permanent install option, with advanced features enabled 2 scripts you run and enter admin password. Thereafter, when you launch Safari it works like Safari 6. Then get old flash player, but Google that.

Aros on PowerMac G5 under Qemu Browsing Internet and Fast

A kind soul has updated it twice to be high enough version to work most places just spoofs the version, not actual For once, I can tell you something. I have overclocked several things going back to your old forums. The best solution would be to pick up a used Mac mini which can better the load of the browser processes. Flash is obsolete. The vast majority of mobile and tablet web browsing is done using iOS, but can you think of a single i-device that has ever natively supported Flash?