Converting Multiple Page PDFs to JPG

Microsoft Word allows us to insert images easily and without reducing any resolution. We might come across a situation where we want to share only images and not the entire document, or you might have deleted all images from your Windows PC and want to get them back from the Word document.

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In this article, I will let you know of three ways to extract all images from Word document in an easy way without the need of any special tools or 3rd-party software. There may be other ways to extract all the images from a Word document, but here are the 3 best ways to do it. So, let us start without any ado. Inserting a single page is easy enough, but when your PDF has more than one page, Word fails miserably.

How to Move a Picture in Word 2013

There are two ways you can go about fixing this: one is to convert the whole PDF into a Word document itself and then insert or the second way is to convert each page of the PDF into an image and then insert the images into your Word doc. The best option is to convert to images, which I explain below.

There are some free ways and some paid ways, so it depends on how often you do this and what software you already have. Acrobat will automatically convert each page into a separate image file, which you can then insert into your Word doc. Pretty easy, but Adobe Acrobat costs a lot, so not an option for most people.

Word for Mac Image Help - Apple Community

The Windows version also has a printer capture utility that lets you capture the print output from any other program. So you can print your PDF file to the SnagIt printer and it will convert each page into an image automatically. Just choose your PDF file, choose the quality and click the convert button.

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If you have a bunch of pages, no worries! There is also a download archive link at the bottom, so you can download a zip file with all the images inside. Then click on the From File button at the bottom of the pop-up dialog that appears:.

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  • Go ahead and select your PDF file and click Open. Now the nice thing about Office for Mac is that you can actually pick the page in the PDF file you want to insert. Follow these steps to anchor an object in Word:.

    Save yourself a headache and change the file type.

    Optional Set the position of an object precisely using controls in this dialog. Text now flows according to the settings you made, and the object is anchored to the position you selected. Check out the brand new podcast series that makes learning easy with host Eric Martsolf. Position and Anchor an Object in Word for Mac.