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Once the process begins, all the data on the flash drive will be lost!

Format USB Flash Drives to Work With Both Mac and Windows 7 – Colorvale

Firstly, in order to avoid data loss, we need to restore and extract data from the flash drive. If we can open the flash drive, we may directly copy and save files from the flash drive to other storage device. If the flash drive is not accessible now, our best choice is to use any professional flash drive recovery software for help. Launch the Terminal app from the Utilities folder of your Applications folder, or use Spotlight to find it.

Now format the flash drive to FAT32 by running the following command this will erase the entire flash drive :. Do not forget to replace the disk2 before pressing the key Enter. This command will prompt us to enter our computer password.

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Enter your password and then watch the magic happen…. This is how the password is entered on the command line.

Guide: Formatting a USB Flash Drive for Mac & PC Compatibility

Just enter your password, and then press the Enter key. We reclaimed full capacity on flash drive, and make it available for saving data again now. We can leave our flash drive in the FAT32 format or convert it to any other format using the Disk Utility app.

How to Format a USB on a Mac

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How To Format Micro SD Cards And USB Drives

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Toggle navigation. If the erase process fails, try formatting the USB stick using the command line first. Your USB stick appears as a new device in the list.

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Check that its size corresponds to the size of your USB stick. Take note of the device name of your USB stick. In this example, the USB stick is 8. Yours might be different.

How to Permanently Wipe USB Flash Drive on Mac or Windows

If you are unsure about the device name, you should stop proceeding or you risk overwriting any hard disk on the system. Execute the following command to safely remove the USB stick.

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Replace [device] with the device name found in step 6. Execute the following command to format the USB stick.

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