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Dre real name Andre Hicks had a broader appeal.

Tech N9ne Couldn't Go to The Bay After Mac Dre Died

A savvy business man that branded himself and his label Thizz Entertainment, and an authentic and funny rhymer that many of the major labels wanted a piece of towards the end of his life at just 34 years of age. For many years, there was a perceived tension between Mac Dre and E Many argue over who was really responsible for the birth and proliferation of the Hyphy movement, as the facts seemed to be muddled as the years rolled by.

Earl Stevens went on to clarify that what people thought was a personal feud between the two was really just the product of regional differences. I was just taking up for my side and he was taking up for his side. Looking back, the Hip Hop mogul speaks on his time managing the late legend, what set him apart from other artists and the possibility of unreleased Mac Dre music ever seeing the light of day. So I came in and basically redid the studio and took over all the stuff on the business side for the label Thizz Entertainment. Given his promoter background, Stretch was familiar with rappers of all walks of life but something about Dre was undeniably unique.

All hail the mighty themacwanda at Coachella?

Andre Nickatina & Mac Dre:Honeycomb Lyrics

Looking back a decade, E was the artist acknowledged by the mainstream to help usher the Hyphy movement into popular culture. A lot of people are too young to understand [and think that] all the sudden I got famous and he made me. Talk about your favorite Mac Dre song. Which one motivated you? He has some cool bars in there that I relate to.

Were you surprised by the response of what that project did for you? Nasty Dealer 2 will probably go down as a classic after that.

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Everything stopped. My manager is more than a manager.

I just bought my first house—out the way, gated community, big pool. No deal, by the way. Talk about what gave you the idea and the confidence to work with Sam Tiba and some of these different dance and electronic producers? I do drugs. I do molly, Percocets, lean, Xans. I did that fucking around. That was my first EDM shit.

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Sam Tiba is French. Was there ever a culture gap or language gap working with them? But I went overseas once before I met them, so I was used to it. He turned me onto a whole other world.

The 20 Best Hip-Hop Tracks About The Bay Area: SFist

Nasty Dealer 2 , sorry for the wait man. I made so many relationships and power moves and of course my brother Thug is always going to come through in the clutch, no question about that. I got Fetty on the tape, I got Chris on the tape. Also, no disrespect to MadeinTYO.

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I just wanted to clear that up now before this record gets in rotation. Real quick, shout out 21 Savage and my boy Reese. I call him for advice, he calls me for advice.

Starters In The Game Tracklist

We talk like everyday man. Talk about building out what you wanted for your label Bricc City while the personal stuff is going on. Was it stressful?

Everything is going to be stressful because you want the best for everything. But I went through a lot of shit. I got an ego problem. So this shit gets stressful. I invested stock in them. Why would you take the risk driving when someone else can do it for you?

Mac Dre the GOAT -"All Mac Dre verses in 1" - 4 hours of game spit and quotables

Me and my camera man James were about to shoot the video that day, then Chris ended up hopping on the shit. He went in on the hook and he put a verse on there. He fell in love with the song like I did. Speak a little bit on that and how that song came about.