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#1 Slender The Arrival Look A Like Gameplay (Haunt The Real Slender Game) DOWNLOAD LINKS WINDOWS/MAC

The apps are faster, easier-to-use, and more stable and intuitive than OzGISMac OzGISMac is an extensive system for the analysis and display of geographically referenced data. About menus provide an enormous range of options for:. Submit Rating. Home Page. Report Error. Related Software. Space Cleaner 1. Frientoosh Junk Cleaner 1. Auslogics BoostSpeed 9. QuuSoft Junk Cleaner 2. Neptune SystemCare Ultimate 2. Vista Junk Cleaner 1. Yeah, we have finished first episode with all great content that isn't available at the moment on Steam cutscenes, voices, graphic optimisation and final gameplay scenario , BUT In meantime you can still share our game and passion with your friends ; Hope you are still with us.

PS - dudes, our "Like" counter stopped a few weeks ago. Do something about it ;. We are changing game version and block older save states intentionally. Game core is still under development what affects save file structure. When save file is edited and you are loading outdated state you can expect one thing - BUGS! A lot of them. Game will receive tons of nulls what will result with: - a few pages in one location - a few items equipped at the time after load - crazy slendy frozen in one place or haunting you a few times per second ;] - some triggers may not working, or they will work when shouldn't if used earlier for example - aaand so on So, please - don't edit your save files.

When game is updated - delete outdated save states and start new game. Game isn't so long anyway ;. First off there was a Steam Early Access release already. There was a lot of things to do, so we've decided to write about that one week later Phew, that was a hard week! As we promised - game was already updated a few times. I think the biggest 'thing' that has place this week is Mac version - released today morning! Mouse input improved Controller right stick sensitivity improved New save game system all issues after game was loaded are fixed Catch camera FX are softer.

TODO list for next week v0. I think that's all. BTW we have uploaded a few concept arts from Ep02 - check them out and share! There are two reasons why we have decided to do so. First off Monday isn't a good day for premiere.

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Isn't it? We believe that there is nothing better than game released just before weekend starts. Second thing is xBox Controller support. At the moment it's possible to play with controller, but all game menus are controlled only by keyboard and mouse. We want to fix that feature before release.

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Thanks to that after download you will be able to sit comfy on your sofa and play without keboard and mouse on your side. We want you to know that there is no reason to be worried. First episode is done and all we need is good momentum and all features fully working. Hope you will stay with us and still watch the counter :. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info haunt-slendergame. Ladies and gentlemen Now you can check when HM will visit your hard drive and terror your brain ;. Just sharing our latest teaser :. All best! As you can see game is re-branded BUT now it's not our fault - the fact is that there is a game called "Haunt" already ; We've decided to use our desired title now and don't wait any second longer to reveal details about Haunted Memories!

Game description is changed visit our new website mentioned below or Greenlight campaign page , website is changed new one is www. One thing remains - price of episode called "Haunt".

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Game will be available on steam soon month, two? Game provides new map with new puzzles and places , so even the biggest veterans will have to search and think again.

Haunt 1.1 Installer (Windows 64bit) file - Haunted Memories

We've reduced number of 'scraps', instead of we've added more adventure and survival elements in old-fashioned way. Achivement Unlocked: "Get Greenlit without a penny to develop a game. Hello There. Just to let you know. If you would like to support us or simply buy us a beer : for what we have made, here is the way. You can buy Haunt ost on bandcamp from 1. Still you can listen all songs on soundcloud or youtube even at bandcamp. Thank you for all kind words and every beer we are going to drink thanks to you ; There is also Haunt Game Theme Midi file to download at our site. Linux version is out and files are waiting for authorization IndieDB and Desura.

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In meantime feel free to download ZIP file from GameFront before download make sure that your country is supported by this site :. Haunt 1. Keep in mind that you are free to share this game with your friends in any way you want till you are sharing it for free :.

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  8. As it is experimental build with no warranty we would be very grateful if you will find a while and send us:. Just to keep new visitiors up to date. If you like our game, please, support it at Greenlight.

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    It really matters for such a small group as we are. Btw we are 3rd there! Thanks mates! Collector Edition of Haunt is almost done, so stay tuned. We have a few surprises for all of you :. PS: as We are spending our private money for Unity licenses, development packcages, submissions fees Greenlight for example and so on - please, consider even the smallest donation and help our next projects come true. Yes, that is true - if you will decide to buy Haunt:CE, you will get Haunted Memories first episode for free just to remind you HM:EP01 will released around last quarter of this year.