How to change the icon of files and folders

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Interacting with OS X is largely icon-driven as it is with all graphical user interfaces and thus it tends to be bright, colorful, and a general pleasure to look at and click. Customizing the Dock, such as changing its appearance with the use of colors, dividers, and even themes is relatively easy with the right application.

How To Change Finder Icon - Mac Tutorials Ep. 4

But, to actually change something like the Finder icon, you have to do some just a little work. When you browse to this folder, you need to back up one or both of these Finder icons.

  • Use an icon from another file or folder;
  • Install and set up.
  • Tip: Change The Finder Icon In OS X Mavericks.

You need to drag this file to the Trash. Next, open a Terminal window. You can do this either from the Applications folder or use Spotlight. Kill and reload the Dock, and you will see the original Finder icon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments you would like to contribute, we urge you to lend us your feedback in our discussion forum.

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  7. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. You don't have permissions for those items root doesn't even have permission - see my previous link for System Integrity Protection.

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    7. Posted on Aug 17, PM. Page content loaded.

      Changing The Finder Icon In OS X Mavericks

      What instructions are you referring to? No one should modify stuff in the System folders, and for El Capitan you would have to disable System Integrity Protection to even try.

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      Jul 31, PM. Other folder and icons that I wanted to change was a matter of opening the custom picture I want as the icon. Open application or folder that I wanted to change and follow the same get info path, expect paste at the end.

      This method does not work when trying to change the finder icon, actually any of my default mac applications finder, launch pade, ect. Aug 17, PM. This did work for changing my finder icon, thank you. I had changed my google chrome icon earlier but when I took google off my dock and reopened it it had went back to the stock icon.

      How to Change the Finder Dock Icon in Mac OS X

      Is that just the way it works or is there someway to make it stay even if i dont keep the app in my dock? Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.