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My Recommendation for Farm Story. All 5. Retro pixelated graphics.

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One sec! Are you sure that you want to abandon your hard work? Delete Work Continue working. The cute graphics will definitely keep you immersed for a long time. You have to expand your garden and in doing so you will also attract these cute little helpers that will help you in planting and harvesting your crops.

You can also do the harvesting and plucking yourself or you could just let your helpers do these manual things while you invest in better crops and build a better farm. Even when you quit the game, the helpers will continue to work and you will get gold when you return to the game. Try this game if you really love cute graphics.

A Farm On your Mac

Wayward Wayward is a lot of games mixed together. Everything depends on how you play the game.

Welcome! • Pure Farming

Your stat gain is directly tied to the item you come in contact with. There are over different items for you to craft and interact with which adds a lot of gameplay time. If you like survival mixed with crafting then Wayward is the way to go pun intended. Terraria Not entirely a farming simulator, but Terraria lets you build, explore, fight and dig your way through the amazing environment with beautiful retro graphics.

This action-packed adventure actually lets you enjoy the resource gathering and crafting features of Minecraft mixed with some role-playing action. Terraria is all about exploring dangerous caverns laden with treasure and resources that come in handy when crafting new items for your inventory.

Farm Games

The main focus of the game is on crafting and building while the action-adventure part comes in secondary. Terraria is a really immersive game that will suck you in with its exciting exploration based gameplay. In order to do so, players will have to fulfill commissions, grow crops, and raise animals. The land of Portia also has a rich community and you can befriend all of its resident, which really adds to the social factor in the game and also helps you complete tasks quicker to restore your workshop.

Moonlighter Moonlighter is another great Harvest Moon alternative that cleverly inculcates features from the roguelite genre of games into a farming simulator. In the game you play as Will, and adventurous shopkeeper who has to tend to his shopkeeing duties during the day and give in to his fantasies of becoming a hero by night. As a result, you have to juggle both the objective quite efficiently and play the game in a way that all your actions are mutually beneficial for both of your objectives.

More great Mac Simulations

You start off as the mayor of a small town where tourists rarely come. You have the power to set rules and regulations in your town.

Top 10 Mac Open World Games of 2018

In this game, you have a huge task to build railways that can stand the test of time. Figure out the better ways to manage traffic and also ensure how accidents can be avoided. Agreed, the gameplay is pretty simple and you hardly have to spend any time to master it. However, I bet you will find Train Valley very addictive after just a few rounds of play.

1. Firewatch

Now is the perfect time to give a shot to a fantastic rally game! To get going, choose from 40 high-speed cars and perfectly configure them. Then, showcase how fast you can race at some of the best circuits. Kickstart a singleplayer race or head into the high-intensity multiplayer races where you gonna have to play astutely and beat out several hurdles. You will love displaying your unmatched speed at Lydden Hill, Holjes and Hell tracks. The game boasts six huge rallies with as many as 70 stages.

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