Suggested Music Equipment

Fortunately, there are music stores where musicians working and speaking your language that have knowledge of computers and give this support.

There are various music stores where you will find Apple computers and there are also a few shops that sell PCs that are designed specifically for music production. Many people choose a laptop. However, there are only a few specialized Windows laptops available for music production. Most people on the go you usually choose Apple Macbook Pro, and there is definitely a good reason. Today you have a wide choice of Apple models. The Mac Pro is the most used in a professional studio environment. There is also a wide range of dedicated audio interfaces, MAC plugins , and music making software like Logic Pro that makes Apple computer a serious candidate for your music studio.

Apple is perceived as expensive compared with the PC. Apple computers are more expensive but offer a different perspective, it is just like a premium car, you get extra safety, comfort, quality materials, and exclusivity.

In the field of music production, Apple does have a big drawback. Also, if you want more memory or more storage space you have to pay extra. For the PC you can get a huge amount of free VST instruments and other cool freeware plugins and software. PC computers are more flexible and can keep up with your budget. For example, you can build a PC yourself ordering different components from different manufacturers.

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If you need extra space, you can simply add a new hardware disk for that. For those with home studios, I recommend this approach. With a little more generous budget you can get a PC computer that will be perfect for both music production and other media applications or even for video games.

The Best Free Music Production Software for Beginners

A powerful PC desktop can become the center of your musical production but also can be your center of entertainment. This configuration will handle any music software DAW , any audio plugins including virtual instruments, software synthesizers, multiple effects on the main mix or individual tracks, soft samplers, and so much more. Both platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages.

It may depend on your budget, productivity, your customer base, digital audio workstation DAW choice or your own preferences. For a stable system to use it exclusively for music production and audio recording go with the MAC. Your email address will not be published. Remember me Log in.

Best Free Music-Making Software for Beginners

Lost your password? Read More with a simple to use interface and easy navigation. LMMS also has a wide variety of instrument synthesizers. Among other good qualities of LMMS is its compatibility with external software. Ableton Live is a great digital audio workstation designed for live performance, remixing of songs, music recording and much more. However, for a beginner, figuring our Ableton Live and its multiple versions Ableton Live: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide Ableton Live: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide Ableton Live is a complicated piece of music software -- but with our beginner's tutorial, you'll be making and recording music in no time.

Read More can be complicated. Ableton Live 9 Lite is a version of this digital audio workstation that you can get for free. The lite version comes with certain limitations, such as having only eight recording tracks. It also features a selection of effects and instruments to create professional quality audio and allows you to add MIDI equipment, like keyboards. Once you get familiar with this music production software, you can upgrade to the full license and get extra 4GB of sounds.

Spoilt for choice

Ableton is fairly easy to use, which makes it great for learning the ropes. It is also an industry standard software used by many producers and musicians to record and create.

Record your first hit single with this music production software

Ableton vs. Digital audio workstations can be pricey. To help you decide which one to buy, we compare Ableton Live vs. FL Studio. Here are the best music production software for audiophiles. Read More and consider upgrading to a computer made for music production The 8 Best Computers for Music Production The 8 Best Computers for Music Production You don't have to own a studio to find best computer for music production.

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Here are some of the best PCs for every budget. Your email address will not be published. Great tools to learn about how synths, mixers, drum machines, etc. There are quite a few available in Google apps. All totally free and don't require any hardware other than your computer and an internet connection. Let me say that ableton is absolutely not beginner friendly.

Your phone is powerful, but it’s not a Mac

I've used it for almost a year now and i still dont have the hang of it. There is a really good one you should put on the list called Mixcraft 8. I use it at school and it is much like the others and very easy to use. How is Ableton live lite free when usually you have to purchase a piece of audio hardware to get the activation code? Audacity is also available for Linux, in fact the most important distros include it in their repositories. Top Deals.

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