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That's really all there is to it. There's no messing about, no complex configuration — just analyze, rip and go. DVDFab's disc-ripping component is free to use after the trial versions of the other tools expire. Image credit: DVDfab. DVDFab is an unusual case.

Mac DVD Ripper Free - Rip DVD on Mac Free to MP4 H HEVC iPhone

The free portion is rather limited, allowing you to rip discs in Full Disc or Main Movie modes only. This means that the free version is nowhere near as versatile as the other programs we've covered here, but it still has its place.

For example, it can be useful if you want to extract the video files from a disc and maintain their original formats when transferring them to your hard drive. You're then free to import the files into another program for further work if you want, or just use your favorite DVD software to watch the videos without the need for a disc to be inserted.

Image credit: Digiarty Software. This lacks a few of the features found in the premium version mainly speed-related and a couple of specific DRM cracks , but you'll still have a powerful DVD ripper on your hands that you can use indefinitely.

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Once your input has been analyzed — a process that doesn't take long — you can take your pick from a raft of ready made profiles. These profiles help you to quickly output a video that's suitable for playback on specific mobile devices or, say, ideal for uploading to Facebook. You can choose to rip the built-in subtitles or embed your own, and you can select which audio tracks should be included; it's all beautifully simple and pleasingly fast. There is, sadly, one major drawback to the free edition of the software: it can only rip videos a maximum of five minutes in length, which rules it out for backing up your movie collection.

VLC is a powerful and well-loved application. However, few users realize it can do more than just play files. This allows you save non-copy protected DVDs to your computer as video files, either for archiving or watching without the disk.

Rip DVDs with VLC on Your Mac

For folks with big home entertainmenst systems or a home media server, this is a great tool to breathe new life in to older content. Some DVDs do have copy protection, which others do not.

If you want a more robust experience, Handbrake is an excellent alternative app for ripping even copy protected DVDs. If you want to play around with some more advanced options, check out the section below. You can select an encapsulation format which sets the file extension as well as the video and audio codecs. You can even capture subtitles, so long as you work with an encapsulation method that supports it. To better understand the performance of the top 3 Mac DVD ripper freeware, below is a table and detailed comparison in ripping speed, output quality and supported encryptions.

Loading: immediately ripping time: 12min Avg. FPS: fps 2. Output file: xp , kbps , 1. Loading time: 1min ripping time: 37min Avg. FPS: Output file: xp 2. Can't identify the right title 2. No response when clicking Start 3. Scrambled screen after slight tweaking 4. The ripped movie with aspect ratio of 2. Loading: 1min ripping time: 4min Avg. FPS: NA 2. Output file: xp , kbps , 6. Requires manaually selecting title 2. No parameter setting or editing option 3. Big output file size.

Note: This test is based on our hands-on test on 27" iMac incl. Catalina with 3. You shall also have to note that the DVD encoding speed is greatly dependant on your computer configuration. Higher config will lead to great performance.

Don't know what to do with all your old DVDs? Here's how to convert them to MP4

And make sure to spare some space to save the final rip. The DVD used here is a 7. According to the company, it applies level-3 hardward acceleration tech, which intelligently offloads the DVD decoding, processing and encoding to GPU, in cooperation with the hyper-threading technology. The output quality isn't affected at all. Higher saturation of color can be noticed on the rips, with dark darker and white whiter. But the file size is tremendously large - 6.

Both MacX and Handbrake involved in DVD video compression, which cut file size down but inevitably led to quality loss. What matters most is whether they manage to maintain a good balance between the size and quality. MacX created an. There is no noticeable change between the the source and ripped file. Quality is slightly inferior to MakeMKV. So if you care about quality, MakeMKV is your ultimate choice.

But if you emphasis on both sides, choose MacX and Handbrake, which run neck and neck. MacX chose the right title. Its unique title check mechanism is proven to be very useful with these intractable DVDs. Edit Function Trim, crop, merge titles, rotate, add external subtitle, batch rip, etc.

Setting Adjustment Adjust resolutions, frame rate, aspect ratio, bit rate, codec etc. The 3 Mac DVD rippers are equally matched.

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What matter most is whether the program fits your bill. But if you have hundreds of discs and want to have your entire DVD library backed up onto hard drive at fast speed without exhausting your storage space, MacX DVD ripper and Handbrake are your good options. While if the last thing you want is to end up with errors just because the new title comes with tricky protection scheme or the DVD is formatted unnaturally, the ultimate choice is to download MacX DVD Ripper , which not only features great DVD decryption ability, but also comes with unique level-3 hardware acceleration tech that can speed up the whole process and maintain good balance between quality and size.

Subtitles are helpful to understand a foreign language, inaudible dialog or narrative comprehension. But getting subtitles on DVD is a bit tougher, let along hardcoding them.

4 Tips on Choosing the Best Free DVD Ripper for Mac

For example, MacXDVD gives a lot of subtitle options, including choose and place subtitle track in preferred position, disable or hardcode it with forced subtitles, and even add external srt to the movie. It depends.

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To copy these DVDs, you'd better resort to some strong tools. Before you do so, make sure it's allowed by your law. But P-frames or B-frames in MP4 makes it difficult to edit. MOV contains one or more tracks, meant to store each type of data including audio, video, subtitle, etc in a hierarchical structure, which is good for editing.

To rip DVD to Mac hard drive , it depends:.