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Its primary purpose is to integrate parts of the Creative Suite together to offer both professional and individual creative professionals, web designers, and mobile developers an easier way to preview and test Flash Lite, bitmap, web, and video content for mobile devices. It is accessible from all of the Creative Suite editions.

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The final release accompanied Adobe Creative Suite 5. Device Central provides designers and coders a comprehensive testing facility that approximates how pages and graphics will look on a variety of cell phones with different screen resolutions, color depths, memory constraints, and other performance characteristics.

It simplifies the mobile authoring workflow and allows developers to preview designs and test content on the desktop before loading it on the mobile devices for final testing. A library of mobile device profiles on Device Central are updated quarterly, with an initial support for over devices at launch.

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Device Central has many other functions such as rescaling graphics, simulating a mobile phone's backlight dimming, adding artificial screen reflections and changing the color balance, allowing artists to tune their graphics in different conditions without extraneous footwork. Adobe Device Central CS5 introduced several new features including emulation of device's geolocation , accelerometer , and multi-touch features.

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Adobe Technical Communication Suite. Bridge Device Central 3D Reviewer. Reviews 2 trfzrtsvzxwurzeyfqwsebvbdaetdtud. Email Print trfzrtsvzxwurzeyfqwsebvbdaetdtud. Adobe Design Premium Overview. Women of Influence: Katrin Eismann Read More. Invite others to comment with easy-to-use tools, and view their comments in the context of your design Integration with CS Live Online Services Take advantage of integration with new Adobe CS Live online services to accelerate time-consuming processes such as creative reviews, web page testing, and collaborative content authoring.

CS Live services are complimentary for a limited time Performance on the Latest Operating Systems Take advantage of the power and performance of the latest Apple and Microsoft operating systems. Create attention-getting 3D logos and artwork from text and shapes and edit, manipulate, and paint directly on 3D models High-Quality Page Layout Lay out, preflight, and produce stunning page layouts with Adobe InDesign CS5, an intuitive design environment that offers precise control over typography and built-in tools for creative effects Visual Media Management Find files fast by browsing thumbnails instead of filenames with Adobe Bridge.

Or browse thumbnails and place files from the Mini Bridge panel in Photoshop CS5 Extended and InDesign CS5 Adobe Community Help Find the answers you need, including in-depth, product-specific Help from Adobe and additional third-party expert content, all accessed from within your design software Consistent Adobe User Interface Work quickly and intuitively thanks to a consistent user interface across all CS5 Design Premium components. Apply extensive preflight checks and easily fix issues form faulty hairlines to transparency handling, black conversion, spot color mapping, and more.

Avoid having to buy testing hardware and maintain testing labs. CS Live services are complimentary for a limited time Adobe Community Help Find the answers you need, including in-depth, product-specific Help from Adobe and additional third-party expert content, all accessed from within your design software. Create attention-getting 3D logos and artwork from text and shapes, and edit, manipulate, and paint directly on 3D models Dynamic Digital Documents Add attention-grabbing interactivity, animation, video, and sound to your digital documents and presentations with InDesign CS5.

Define buttons, scrollbars, sliders, page transitions, video players, and more, all without writing code Adobe Community Help Find the answers you need, including in-depth, product-specific Help from Adobe and additional third-party expert content, all accessed from within your design software. Prototype the mobile site in Fireworks, preview and test your design in Device Central, and then export the design for development Content Testing for Mobile Devices Plan, preview, and test content for a wide spectrum of devices from mobile handsets to gaming systems with Adobe Device Central Versatile PDF Workflows Use Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro to create PDF documents and package layouts, drawings, images, web pages, animation, video, audio, and other files more securely in a single PDF Portfolio Crisp Graphics for Mobile Create resolution-independent vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator CS5 that appear crisp when viewed on any mobile or handheld device Immersive Interactive Experiences Deliver immersive interactive experiences such as microsites and games that present consistently across computers, browsers, and mobile devices with Adobe Flash Professional CS5.

It features numerous tools for working with digital photos and images. You can adjust curves, correct lens distortions, apply vignettes, and edit images on a pixel-based level. Photoshop Extended also supports 3D graphics, animation, and scientific tools Illustrator CS5 Illustrator allows you to create and edit vector graphics. Vector graphics can be scaled to virtually any size, perfect for creating designs for anything from postage stamps to billboards.

It supports many different fonts, gradient fills, transparencies, and more InDesign CS5 InDesign allows you to design, preflight, and publish documents for print media, online use, and display on mobile devices. It gives you precise control over typography and features a wealth of creative tools.

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You can even include interactive elements, animation, video, and sound Flash Catalyst CS5 Flash Catalyst allows you to convert graphics from Illustrator and Photoshop into interactive content for use with web pages and other user interfaces. It also supports video, sound effects, and dynamic media. It supports roundtrip editing, animated transitions, and Adobe AIR publishing Flash Professional CS5 Flash Professional allows you to create interactive web pages, applications, and games.

It uses the powerful ActionScript coding language to allow you to create fully interactive, cross-platform web applications and games which can run in any web browser using the free Flash Player plug-in. It supports many popular content management systems, and allows you to test web page compatibility with the Adobe BrowserLab online service Fireworks CS5 Fireworks is intended to aid you in the creation of optimized graphics for delivery via the web, smartphones, kiosks, embedded displays, and other electronic devices.

You can use it to produce web prototypes, user interfaces, and more -- all of which are editable in vector and bitmap modes Acrobat 9 Pro Acrobat Pro gives you all the tools necessary to create and package documents in Adobe's ubiquitous PDF file format. PDFs appear the same on every computer screen and in print, ensuring that your document is delivered in the format that you intended.

Acrobat also allows you to create forms which can be filled out electronically, helping to reduce the use of paper in your office Bridge CS5 Bridge is a powerful media management tool that helps you keep track of your digital assets.

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It provides a single interface that allows you to browse and access all files that you use in Adobe projects. It also helps you keep track of files when working on a project in multiple Adobe CS applications Device Central CS5 Device Central allows you to simulate a large number of handheld devices, including popular mobile phones, on your computer. This allows you to see exactly how your projects will run on a specific mobile platform, essential for developers who are creating content for mobile devices.