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Daily, usually in the morning Pacific time west coast, USA. Connection Status: Connected appears under Management on the Symantec QuickMenu. For earlier builds, the green dot next to Symantec Endpoint Protection indicates Auto-Protect is Enabled, not that communication is established: Is it possible to convert an unmanaged Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac client to a managed client?

How do I prevent Windows policies from applying to Macs? Windows-specific policies will not apply to Macs; only the LiveUpdate policy and the Mac Settings in the Virus and Spyware Protection and the Exceptions policy if configured for a security risk exception for a file or folder will apply.

The Firewall policy will not apply because this component does not exist on the Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac client. What about Device Control?

Update virus definitions and content for Endpoint Protection

Version 14 introduces Device Control for the Mac client. You can enable Device Control on managed clients only. Is Active Directory integration supported for Mac clients? It is not tested or supported.


I can send Mac clients a command to become an Unmanaged Detector or to enable or disable Network Threat Protection, but nothing happens. Even though the command can be sent, these features are not supported for Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac clients.

Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac clients: User Mode or Computer Mode? Computer Mode. There are not many changes that the end user can make, but if you want to prevent them from disabling Auto-Protect or Network Threat Protection intrusion prevention , make sure their group is set to Server Control: In the Intrusion Prevention policy, click Intrusion Prevention , and then click the padlock to lock the settings.

Re: Endpoint protection for Mac virus defs liveupdate error

Note that this affects all clients using this policy, not just Macs: With these selections made, even if a user has administrative rights on their Mac, they will be unable to adjust these settings via the Symantec Endpoint Protection client interface: Without the padlock clicked and locked in policy, an administrator-level account would be able to make changes to settings: How can I verify the schedule given through the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager is really there?

As of Symantec Endpoint Protection Reputation-Based Protection Insight.

Latest Published Content: Content is accessed by your product via the Symantec data cloud. Other Protection.

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  • Security Updates!
  • Other forms of security content necessary to the operation of this product. Application and Device Control Policies. Threat Intelligence.

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