How can I get square brackets on a Swiss macbook keyboard?

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brackets on MAC

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Learn HTML 5 and CSS3 - How to Install Brackets on Mac

View All. Users online The Option key also enables you to enable the Save As option in Mac apps. You may be wondering whether you can use the Alt key, along with Ctrl and Delete, to shut down an unresponsive Mac. If you thought that the jumbling of Alt and Option was baffling, there's even more opportunity for confusion when it comes to the Command key. The Command key cmd has a legacy that leads to confusion - many older Mac users will refer to it as the Apple key, because in the past there used to be an Apple logo on it, but this logo stopped appearing a while ago when if was decided that there were a few too many Apple logos on Apple products.

The logo you will still find on this key looks like a squiggly square, or a four petalled flower. It was designed by Susan Kare for the original iMac and based on the Scandinavian icon for place of interest. The Command cmd key works in a similar way to the Control key on a PC.

Inserting Brackets Symbols

If you were wondering why Ctrl-B didn't make your text bold, chances are you were previously a PC user and didn't realise that Command is the new Control. You can also use the Control key to add a document or folder to the Dock. Go to the Finder and select the item you wish to add to the Dock or search for it using Spotlight: Cmd-Space, or select it on your Desktop. Then press Control-Shift-Command-T.

What is a Bracket?

You can set other F keys to do Mission Control actions. Press Command-Control-Space and by default you will see the Emoji characters. Once you have the Character Viewer open, use the sidebar to view different categories, such as Currency Symbols or Maths Symbols and double-click any item in the main window to insert it into your document. You can also search for any option using the Search field in the top-right. Edit Remove. Also affects project? Bug Description.

How can I type square brackets in workspaces on a german keyboard using Mac?

Tags: bitesize keyboard Edit Tag help. On Macs, the square brackets are usually on 5 and 6.

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MacBook Keyboard: write [box or square] brackets