Understanding What “Your Disk is Almost Full” Means

It'll present you with a list of removable files, and you can click Run Cleaner to delete them.

If you're still low on space after going through all the above steps, it may be time to bite the bullet and upgrade your storage. You can upgrade the internal drive on some older Macs, but most of Apple's modern offerings solder the storage onto the motherboard.

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  • Disk Utility's restore function lets you create a bootable clone.

As a result, you are then forced to buy a new Mac if you want more internal storage. Google your specific model of Mac and see what your options are. If you can't upgrade the internal storage, hope is not lost: you can still grab an external drive and offload some of your less-used files to that instead. Check out our list of the best external hard drives and those that work especially well with Mac to see what's available. Whitson Gordon is a writer, gamer, and tech nerd who has been building PCs for 10 years.

Top 4 Best Cleaner Software to Speed Up your Mac

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Whitson Gordon. PCMag reviews products independently , but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. The menu bar app gives you all this information at a glance. Made in Germany, our Mac optimization software is the result of 30 years of experience in developing security solutions.

Get the best performance from your Mac

Our award-winning applications already protect over million devices. Avira Optimizer helps to keep your Mac storage free of clutter, and boost performance. The technology is state-of-the-art, so that your Mac is clean and optimized for more productive working and hassle-free internet surfing. Avira Mac Optimizer cleans your system in seconds to get rid of junk files and improve the performance of your Mac. Download our Mac Optimizer now for free and check out our other products for extra security, productivity and privacy when working with your Mac.

Protect against malware with Avira Antivirus for Mac. Avira software solutions are Made in Germany and boost the performance of your devices to ensure the best protection against online threats. Home System Speedup Mac. Optimize all your devices for free.

Recommended by the industry. Top performance Avira Optimizer removes the clutter that slows you down. To keep you running at peak performance and free up space, you can even schedule alerts telling you when your Mac needs cleaning.

How to Do a Basic Emergency Clean-up on Your Mac?

File cleaner Privacy cleaner. Download for free. Find the hidden files slowing you down System and application folders. The best-looking way to speed up your Mac. Intuitive With an elegantly simple layout and easy-to-understand interface, Optimizer makes keeping your machine in perfect condition a pleasure rather than a chore.

Best Mac cleaners to free up disk space

Informative Most similar programs just do their thing, leaving you none the wiser. One-click operation Fire up the app and scan. Once you get to the folder, you can select all files and delete, or rescue the few files you want to keep awhile in a more permanent location—say, the regular old Downloads folder. As it turns out, a Mac stores a lot of information—not just browser-related details—in files called caches, allowing quick access to that data and reducing the need to fetch it from the original source again.

Unfortunately, that information can sometimes become corrupted, or otherwise problematic. Cocktail , from Maintain, is among the longest-running and best of these. As someone who reviews products for Macworld, I regularly try new apps and then delete them.

For the most part, you can drag an app from the Applications folder to the Trash, but often an app creates folders and files outside of the app package and in various locations on the drive, which makes those files and folders difficult to find and toss out. Sometimes, however, when your Mac is updating an app, you want to keep the associated files but discard the old app; AppTrap will ask if you want to leave the files which you want to do or move them to the Trash. In the Apple menu, select About This Mac. Select Storage and click on the Manage button. In the left section, select Applications.

The main section of the window will show a list of your applications. Select the app you want to remove, and then click on the X button to remove it. One caveat with this method: Only apps downloaded from the App Store will have all its components removed.

Mac System Taking Up gb

If you got an app outside of the App Store and use this method to uninstall it, all the components may not be removed. Under the Kind header, you can see if an app was from the App Store or not. My ergonomic keyboard accumulates so much dust and crumbs that occasionally I have to turn it upside down and shake it just to get the keys to work. But a thorough cleaning, even just once a year, can knock away the grime and germs.