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Hello, I bought a Nas asustor T. Can help me please? The latest version 2. First off what type of media are you trying to play? Next, do you have WniSCP installed on a computer on your network? Specifically in this case, we need access to the log files, that Asustor forces people who make packages to bury deep into hidden sections of the file system. You can attach it, or put it into a code block.

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Last night I was able to watch a movie but normally this morning is the same, the nas is no longer visible. See my log file. I also noticed that whenever I reboot the nas everything works again, there will not have a problem with the hard drive hibernation? Perhaps one of the best tools for working with a Linux box that exists for Windows.

It sounds to me like you are using uPnP which is problematic for most home routers at best and completely worthless most times. Read it over pretty carefully, especially the first one where it talks about port forwarding and how to do it on a router.

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Then skip to the 3rd or 4th one where it talks about formats and codecs. And yes, this is me on both forums…. Your biggest issue appears to be uPnP, and port forwards. Get things forwarded on your router to your NAS and I think most if not all of your problems should go away.

I read your topic even before everything changed, but I did not have all inclusive so I continued to do research on the French forums. The routers are usually set up to clear unused ports after a set period of time. The port is always open. So if the device is on, it gets traffic on the port, and things go as they are intended to go. You can see your server, can see your media, and can watch it.

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This is something that should be always listened for regardless of the router, so port forwards should be mandatory, IMO. And that walk through I have you do the port forwards before I talk about making a library, adding users, etc. Making sure the ports for that app are opened for traffic. In any case, I hope this resolves your problems.

How to reset the password and put the new config? Is is available in Numericable website.

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Shall i keep the reset button pressed for 15 secs? I think this modem is a bit crappy Second big problem is that since last Thursday now we are 5 days I have no Internet, neither TV or fixed line working. Why these things happen and how to speed up to fix it???

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I called them on Saturday but did not get any info neither they didnt call me back. Am I first one to have these problems with Numericable???

Thanks a lot for any feedback. Coditel alias Numericable alias S. R : quel histoire,aurevoir I don't own this router so I don't know how to reset it, but you should find such information in the documentation, maybe available on the website.

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